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E6850 OC (results)

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All the hype I've been hearing, I had to picked one up. Broke it in late night @ 3.8GHz. Anyone else OC these beasts?


Heres some results: 9x 425 FBS, Mem 425Mhz - more to come.


Super PI 1M


Super PI 32M


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CPU = water cooled


I was hoping this MB would cooperate. Wanted to go a little higher with the 9x, tried booting at 1825. I know now, my asus don't like it there. No post and all my quick tricks haven't worked.


This was a problem at first but thought the new bios update helped out. Had to post with a low voltage memory then set bios DRAM volts @ 2.1V, swap memory and all was good. Thats not working. Keep getting a long beep. I'll do a long memclr. See if that works.


My frustration with this MB has been building, newegg keeps popping up on my browser. ;)

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4.1GHz - 8x 513 FSB @ 1.52V (bios), Mem 513Mhz, 5-5-5-15


Super PI 1M:


Super PI 32M:




Got it to post with some borrowed ram. My backup stick is shot, one of the chips was cracked. Lesson learn - don't manhandle cheap ram.


@darkorb- I'm grinning ear-to-ear reaching 4GHz. You have to test the limits and see whats under the lid. I'll stick with testing @ 4G for now. I have to return the memory I borrowed, my work might miss it.;)

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4.0GHz 9x 445 FSB, Mem @ 445MHz 4-4-4-8-1T, 8800GTX 648/1026



3dmark016481026mb7.th.jpg 3dmark036481026pr9.th.jpg 3dmark056481026df9.th.jpg 3dmark066481026kg8.th.jpg


Super PI 1M:----------Super PI 32M:

spi1m44481tmi5.th.jpg spi32m44481trp0.th.jpg


It will need some more voltages to run Orthos. Failed at 1hr while copying screen shot. Temps were fluctuating 67-71C, cores #1/#2 both 50-56C. Alittle to hot for my taste.

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3.96Ghz - 9x 440FSB 1.50V(bios), Mem @ 440Mhz 4-4-4-8-1T, 8800GTX 648/1024


13hr Orthos, 3DMark01, Everest mem. read:



Close to 4GHz Stable :)

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