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DRAM drive strength levels..

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So, I have been OCing for quit a while now and am trying to get to GGG.

I use the OCDB to find similar setups and use those as a starting point for my rig.


One thing though. Whenever I see a reference to DRAM drive strength, It always from level 1-8...


In my BIOS "704-2bta" The options are as follows.

level 1 weak/normal

level 2 weak/normal

level 3 weak/normal

level 4 weak/normal


Now this is 8 levels but im not sure what each equals?


Eg.. Lets say a post said DRAM Drive strenght level 7


What would the equivelant in my BIOS be?


Thanks to anyone that can clear this up for me...

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weak1 = level 1

normal1 = level 2

weak2 = level 3

normal2 = level 4

weak3 = level 5

normal3 = level 6

weak4 = level 7

normal4 = level 8

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and exactly what would we use the DRAM Drive Strength for ????? why run anything other than auto? I thought I read some where it was suppose to help with cold bug issues? <<

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