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Haven's New FS Thread - Networking/Water Cooling

Guest Haven_merged

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Guest Haven

I'm Getting to the point where I have no room in my.....room a majority of these Items will be free as long as you pay for shipping and ONE Dollar for my labors :). I'll post the "Free" Items First.




In the Above Picture:


ONE Realtek RTL8139B 10/100M NIC

ONE Realtek RTL8139C 10/100M NIC

ONE Compaq (hehe) PCI 10/100M NIC

ONE Davicom DM9102AF 10/100M NIC

ONE Netgear LC82C169C 10/100M NIC

These ALL work. Once again they are all ONE Dollar and shipping. I really need to get rid of these!!!

ONE Intel Celeron 1.86Ghz CPU

ONE Intel Celeron 2.2Ghz CPU


Working, one dollar and shipping, No HSF, comes with the CPU case as shown above.


---------------------------------------------No More "Free" stuff---------




ONE Westell DSL Modem - Given to me by Bell South a couple years ago. Works fine, includes Ethernet/USB + Power Cord. Obviously you need a DSL Provider, I don't provide that :)


$5 + Shipping




ONE Linksys Wireless-G 2.4GHz 54Mbps Broadband Router (WRT54G v5)


Excellent Router, Comes with Power Cord and Ethernet Cable if needed. Also

Includes Installation CD (not entirely needed)


$30 + Shipping




ONE Sony Clie Personal Entertainment Organizer - Palm Powered - PEG-SJ22/U




Includes: USB to Wall Power, USB to Car Power, Palm to USB, ONE 128MB Sony Memory Stick, Original Back Cover, ONE Sony Clie Installation CD, and ONE Guardian 2 Universal Palm Pilot Holder.

Personal Notes: I used this for nothing more than keeping notes, has great picture quality and comes with some great software (which comes on the included CD) Great for playing games too. Has the Option of Syncing with your router which I honestly never tried, can easily communicate with other PDA's. Great for games too! The Guardian 2 Protects it from pretty much anything while still allowing wireless communication. PLEASE NOTE! I lost the original "stick" but I will include 2 replacements.




$60 + Shipping




TWO Danger Den Black Ice Micro 80mm Water Cooling Radiators With 3/8 Fittings

Both rads DO NOT Leak and provide moderate cooling for a Loop that needs to dissipate some heat between blocks. The picture Above shows the two rads being pumped by my Via Aqua pump and an Asetek GPU Water Block (neither are for sale)


Includes: 3/8 OD Fittings, Teflon Wrap, 4 Screws (per rad)


$15 Each + Shipping



Heat: UberHaven

Ebay: eclectic_everything


Yes I know my heat is a little empty but I've sold to several guys on this forums, Ski, Gir, and others, so just ask them if your scared of me :sweat:


If you have any question feel free to PM me I'll be on 24/7 for the next few day. All prices can be negotiated with valid proof....for example, you've seen that Router somewhere (new) for cheaper.


I am also looking to TRADE for a GOOD case. Preferably something Thermaltake, Soprano, Tsunami, Shark......

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Guest Haven

Sorry for the late replies!!!


Yes the celeron can run XP fairly well. It's a Socket 478 and My little Sister is running XP + The Sims all day long with no problem and that's with just 256MB of RAM. If you need a Socket 478 board I just found one I wouldn't mind parting with either!


(I'm using the 2.2ghz chip as an example, but for just an FYI my moms notebook runs a 1.2 Celeron on XP)

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Guest Haven

Can I get this topic closed/Deleted. My dog relieved himself on the couch I had this stuff sitting on..........pretty much everything is ruined :sad:


Anyone want a smelly radiator?

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