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DFI Ultra-D 2 Diagnostic LED and Hang

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I just swapped out some of my hardware that I am selling to my friend, his specs are



Mushkin 520w PSU

AMD 3800+ X2

DFI Ultra-D

Mushkin XP4000 memory



My system was working fine before and the hardware that was mine was the CPU/Mobo/MEM so I am not sure what is going on. Upon booting I received 2 LEDS on the diagnostic display and the system hangs. I checked the manual and it says on the 2nd one is the DRAM Detected, is that correct or is it the VGA that is giving me issues since it is hanging?


I tried a different stick of memory, a PCI video card and I've cleared CMOS (which I shouldn't of had to do because the mem/cpu didnt even change).


Any suggestions?

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