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WC Soon with TEC integration


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i hav to agree with dadong, i'd get 1/2" tubing etc.

also u wont want the tec in the same loop as ure gpu's for the reason that the dadong said & because of the tec's cooling, if the hot plate on the tec is getting the added heat from the gpu's in the fluid will make the cold plate on the tech hotter.

when u think that the tec itself in its best state will only be able to remove 220 odd watts, & then ure throwing in heat from a gpu or 2 its only gonna stop it working as well.

it says on the swiftech site under the 6500-t, that u need to o/c ure cpu with no extra voltage intill it peeks out & only add a tiny bit more volts. so u stay under the wattage that the tec can remove, if u go over the wattage of the tec it would be worse than air or standard h2o cooling (temps wise) & will be doing ure cpu damage.


make a h2o block look to be the better option for a single loop with cpu gpu/gpu's & NB maybe?


so then its two loops, one for the tec & the other for the gpu's. u could also put the NB in with the gpu's loop if u wanted.


or a single tec cpu loop & air of sum sort on the gpu's & NB.


im now expert on tec's but was thinking about getting a 6500-t for my rig since i saw one on techpowerup a while back, so ive been doing a bit of research since then.

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From the sounds of things I may be better off doing all waterblocks w/out doing TEC. I know it is less involved for sure without having to worry about condensation for one.


What is an example of a dual loop setup? I can't picture one in my head and not all pictures are the greatest and unless you know what's going on then some of it may not sink in either lol


Definitally a beginner at Modding, but not at building :)


TEC is ideal to me only because of the possibility of cooling below ambient temperatures. The downfall is it seems that the heat it creates would raise the ambient temperatures as it is.


If I did decide to Waterblock everything, I would use the Apogee GT from swiftech.

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