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black screen on first boot after install

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Replaced my DFI Expert with an Asus A8N32-SLI. Reinstalled XP without any problems, then tried reinstalling Vista on the other partition. Install went fine, it rebooted... then just hung at a black screen immediately. Never even made it to the little scrolling green bar.


Any ideas? I tried installing again while loading the IDE drivers and disabled RAID/SATAlink in the BIOS (even though they're XP drivers) and it still got the black screen. Reset BIOS to all defaults, and still the same.

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Sorry to say but your problem isnt uncommon..only the worst is that there isnt a sure fix for every issue.


Ill respond with my 12 hour of head banging last night.


From anything i found (google)..its safe to say that its 90% driver related.


So for now im gonna suggest ..


a) if its and SLI rig takeout one card (that was my problem)..then when in vista and have updated drivers..put it back and sli will function...(not for me it didnt)


B) take out anything not eccentially needed for the installation (even usb devices....printer..game controllers etc.)...i even took out my sound card.


c) if youre overclocked...try default settings for now.


d) make sure you have motherboard bios updated


e) if all else fails try an older vga card( there are workarounds to this issue like injecting vga drivers while installing but thats another issue needing a working OS to do it)


Good luck


Lol..just noticed how old this thread was.....im sure hes back to XP by now... :P

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