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3700+ and RDX200CF-DR and bits :)

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Going to C2D very soon so will need to get rid of these.


I'm only going to sell these when my C2D stuff is all here and sorted - as long as I can find a CPU, that will be the end of next week. I won't take any sort of payment until I'm ready to ship, so don't worry :)


Paypal or money orders accepted. Postage will be via Royal Mail, your paying so you specify the service :)


1. AMD 64 3700+, Socket 939, San Diego. Great clocker - the guy I bought it off said he took it to 3ghz and it didn't need very many volts, but as always YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). I don't have the original heatsink but I do have a stock AMD Opteron heatsink - basically the same but better, has a copper base IIRC.


I'm after £30 + shipping. - Pending


2. DFI RDX200CF-DR, Socket 939, Crossfire. Great board, 2 x PCI-E slots, and its a DFI so you know its going to be a good clocker ;) I took it to 300mhz FSB and then my CPU refused to go any higher - it was only a 3000+ so have pity. I've got the original box (at least, I should do), two of the SATA cables, the yellow rounded IDE and floppy cables, and the manual. I only bought this a year and a half to two years ago, so I'd imagine its still under warranty - I don't know where the invoice is at the moment, but I'm RMAing a different DFI I killed and when I contacted him he said that you didn't really need the warranty.


I'm after £35 + shipping. - Pending


3. Bluetooth adapter. Model is E.Z-Blue120, and its a USB adapter the size of a USB pen. It's in the original box, and I've got the CD with the BlueSoleil software somewhere. I honestly don't know if it works, I haven't used it in ages, so no guarantees sorry. Because of this:


I'm after £2 + shipping. - Sold


4. Keysonic MS-WARP aluminium laser mouse. Really pretty little thing, covered in brushed aluminium and with a blue lit scroll wheel. I got this ages ago to use for a HTPC which I ended up never building and its perfect for that. It's also really comfy, although I haven't used it for long periods - in fact, it's only ever been out of the box once to use to test out an old PC. I'll also include a USB -> PS2 adapter :)


I'm after £7 + shipping, negotiable


Any questions, post here, PM me or email me :)












And this is how far I got - held back by the CPU though (that's a different CPU to the one I'm selling, please note):






CPU with thermal paste (it'll be cleaned up before you get it):




CPU Installed:




CPU Heatsink:



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