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E6300 or below

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Hi guys, not been on for a while. Good to see your all alive :tooth:


I'm looking for a E6300 or below (e.g. E4***) so that I can order my motherboard and RAM and move to C2D finally.


I can do trades for my current CPU/motherboard if anyone wants either for a backup rig - currently they are a 3700+ which does 3ghz (not sure if its stable, and YMMV) and a DFI RDX200CF-DR, best board I've ever had :cool:


Please note that I'm UK, shipping definitely won't be over $12 (USD) though as I'm not after a heatsink so it'll easily fit in a flat rate envelope, may even be less.


Looking to spend no more than $110 shipped, preferably less :)



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