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SPAM Email Subject Lines

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I've seen some really unique SPAM email subject lines.


Here's a chance to post your favorites. Just post the subject line. No need to embellish or enhance. If you feel it needs some help it probably isn't worth posting.


I'll get it started with the next post.

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Guest Modulok

ohh, I can add a TON tomorrow when I get to work.


Lately its been something like this:



variables include:

mate, coworker, family friend, friend, furry friend


Funny thing is some of the id10ts at my work fall for it every time (even when the address is just an IP with /fjag8egoh38ohgoa after it. With IE users it will attempt to install a trojan but Kaskpersky AV blocks it and emails me. Then I call that person and give them a little yelling while degrading them so they won't click on one again. (but they only remember it for a month to three months.

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normally i ignore them completely and just mark them as spam


once though I had one so odd that I had to read it a few times, then commented to momma about it, who was similarly...creeped out lol. Creeped out because we were such big nerds that we knew what it actually meant, or maybe creeped out because the subject line could definitely be considered targeted directly to both of us because of it's contents.


There's an author named Terry Goodkind who has a 10 or 11 book series going called Sword of Truth. It has characters named Richard, Kahlan, and Cara. It also has within the series a place where these three characters are battling wolves in a certain location called the Old World.


pretty popular books, but very specific audience for them.


I got a spam one day that basically explained an overall outline of these three characters doing battle with wolves in the Old World.


The instant I realized what the subject was (after having to read it 3 times lol), I got that momentary smidgen of fear in me that I had somehow made some tiny mistake and somehow I clicked on a virus previously, or maybe my firewall wasn't tight, whatever. I mean, I know better, and I knew I had always kept my AV up to date as well being ever vigilant to stay away from sites that are less-than-safe, as well as knowing forever not to click on . in your email, and how to match the link address in teh email to a legit site without clicking on it (especially in Outlook, Outlook LOVES to hide the actual url unless you fool a bit and have all the filters enabled).


Anyway, I knew I hadn't been infected or compromised, but you know....that momentary fear that somehow I had just because of the subject line of the email...being extremely specific to the exact series of books that momma and I love to read.


Most of them just say "make your penis LAAAAARGE!!!" or "get it up for her when SHE wants it" etc. Very suggestive stuff. As I get older maybe I think about actually clicking some of those ones haha...but not yet (no science has shown you can do anything about your...size...so why would I even be inclined to believe some spammer named BIG Tony has unlocked the secret of scaring women away forever (because you know us men/overlockers...nothing is BIG or FAST enough).




anyway, I'm gonna go kick the crap out of my xbox360...lucky ms decided to up the warranty to 3 years retroactive.

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We then figured we could stay on road and head uphill until it got light, and collect CPs as we went downhill in daylight, a plan that worked well.

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"let the big d1ck fairy bless you"


"Scandalous anti-Catholic movie will lead millions astray unless you ACT NOW!!!" (referring to "Angels & Demons", not technically spam depending on how you look at it but still unsolicited)

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This one came from a sender named Norris Dick


Subject: see repertory ! chilly try ginn some pony it haven't apocrypha a

drumlin some civil and slat or menu may gimbal

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Cum and get it.


Being an :angel:innocent:angel: 49 year old i could'nt possibly know what that meant :). Untill Mrs kitfit told me off course :D

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Guest Modulok

The more SOFT /!agra you buy, the more you save

Get 24 Packs of Your Favorite Sugar-Coated Chocolate Candy

start your own tax service franchise

A increase in Girth (Width) of 20%, plus all the benefits of the first month

What is the recommended dose of MegaDik

Government has grant dollars Unlimited opportunity for success now

Cialis and Viagra for Everyone

Sell or Rent Your TimeShare for Cash

Beware of fake pills

Steady, significant weight loss

Fw: Thanks, we are accepting your refinance loan request

Viagra, Levitra for the ever LOWEST prices

Work with Google online

special price for 1 Viagra pill - $1.59

Google marketing software giveaway

Doctors Hail Breakthrough Omega3 potency and purity

Fulfill all your pharmaceutical needs with Canadian Pharmacy

New molecule tells your brain not to eat - works in 5 minutes

you mashpee go frazeysburg

wfhd.com nj master Auto Account# (xxx-xxxx) Payment in Amount of

Find cheap alternative to expensive American medications

Get a massive self-confidence boost

Your Child Will Love These Books

Do we have Viagra pills? Heaps of medicines

Why be an average guy any longer


now spam is attaching pdfs

Fwd: Message.146823457.pdf


that's about 5mins looking through our logfiles for our spam filter...the average percentage of spam is between 94-98 daily. :spam:

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some one must have been peeking...


because I have been on the small willy list for a while...to the point I get more than my share of bigger pee-pee pills...


I cant even go to the bank anymore because they pull my record and I hear a chuckle from the lady in charge and I get that "I'm so sorry" voice with a under-laying chuckle...


Besides why is it always the mans fault...who say we are small to begin with...how do they know the problem doesnt belong to the oposite . here...


when are we gonna here of som shrinkage cream...I can hear the slogan now..."Give you man that brand new feel of when you were young" just take 2 of these every day...


And another thing...


All I have been hear on the radio is about pills...Takes these pills and be the lover your spouse want you to be...


Dont you think if she gave it up I would...? duh...


It's not a pill that will help me...it's because I married the wrong woman...aint no pill going to fix that...


You only get out of it what you put into it... if she aint happy that mean she aint doing her share...ha ha


lol rant done...



I get those lost millions emails where the parents died and left the underage kid all the money and they need you to help them spend it...


or...those discount healthcare scam mails....

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