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The scheduled Friday landing of the Space Shuttle has a unique viewing opportunity for those of us along the Gulf Coast.




Here's the facts for Deorbit to KSC15 on Orbit 219. The image may be resized by the forum software so please click for a better look...



The second landing opportunity at the Kennedy Space Center will bring the Shuttle right along the coast of the Gulf Of Mexico with very favorable lighting.


It will track just above the coast of Mississippi and Alabama then move below the coast at Pensacola. Biloxi is at 30.4N - 88.9W and the Shuttle will still be above Mach 4 as it passes.


The track will allow you to see the orbiter as a bright spot with a "smokey" trail behind it. Depending on how close you are to the flight path, the trail will be up to a hand-width held at arms length.


Here are the other available tracks for Friday...




Use this link and choose your favorite media player. Windows Media Player is the best for Full Screen and I use it at home on my plasma since our local cable provider has taken NASA TV off their lineup (bastards).


Back in 99 I lived right on the beach in Biloxi and got to watch a night landing that tracked across the coast. Extraordinary doesn't begin to describe the sight.

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Thanks man! I'm so close I get to hear it as it hit the "speed bumps"... Unfortunatly I work nights, it may end up as my alarm clock... :rolleyes:

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