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Unknown PCI Device

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this has to do with multiple categories (nVidia, OS's, Hardware, etc) so i just stuck the thread in the off-topic section..


i have an 'Unknown PCI Device' in my device manager, and cannot figure out how the hell to get it out of there! i did some searching around, and found the registry entry for it..




i know its nVidia due to the Vendor being 10DE (google pwnz) but i cant figure out if its the GPU (GeForce 6800 by XFX) or the chipset (its an MSI K8NGM2 mobo, so nForce4). ive tried the latest GeForce drivers (94.24), still there, and ive done a chipset upgrade using the nForce 430/410/405/400 driver. STILL THERE!!!


how do i get rid of this thing? $10,000 to whoever finds it! (j/k, but you get a kudos!)

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