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939 combo and agp 6800(fresh from evga rma)

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Read the ad very carefully, i have listed important parts in bold. everything guaranteed non-doa.


939 combo: SOLD

CPU-Opteron 165: lidless chip (i can provide a different IHS), this has 1 pin missing. The missing pin is memory address pin for channel B. Because of this, the chip only works in single channel. Works perfectly in single channel . no problem. I have not overclocked this CPU, so dont ask for oc results.

MOBO- Biostar Tforce 6100 939. Comes with i/o shield. if i find the spdif bracket , i will include.

HSF - I can provide a thermalright slk-948 U with 80mm panaflo fan. this is the HSF i used with this lidless cpu.

MEMORY - i have 2 1GB sticks off ddr. one is a corsair ddr400 (with LEDs), the other is 1GB gigaram pc3700. i have run these 2 sticks installed in channel A of the mobo and worked just fine.

price for all of the above is $220 + actual shipping. if you dont want the HSF, i will do $210 + shipping. NOT PARTING OUT.i would be willing to drop 1 stick of memory tho. each stick of memory is $50.


Video cards:

AGP: evga 6800 (not a gf/ultra). regular 6800. received yesterday fresh from RMA. brand new seriel number so i am sure there is warranty and step up. I have not registered. i only opened the packing to make sure its the exact card. i havent opened the plastic shell. -$55 + shipping.




Prices are firm.

No trades at this moment


heatware http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=43082

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