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HELP! computer runs like crap, considering setup

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Hey guys I have bought a sweet setup but since I had an amateur CS student build it I have been having problems. Its been running slow so I have decided to reformat. After formatting and installing drivers I tried Counter strike and BF2. Both run like crap around 20 fps. Settings on medium 1600x1200. They start off go for like the first round(around 60fps) for about a min. then the games go to 30 fps then settle around 25-15 fps. I am sure there is something that I can do to make my system faster. Considering my setup I should expect these games to play fine.


Gforce 78000 GT

Lan Party Motherboard nF4-DR

Dual Core AMD Opteron 1.8 Processor 165

10,000 RPM 70 GB WD HD

DDR 2048 mb


If there is any info I can get you to help me I am here on command. I really would love to fix this as I normally do video editing on the system in HD. I’m afraid to even try that yet.


Thanks for the help

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With your games starting at 60FPS and dropping over a short period of time I would suspect the video card is throttling due to heat or insufficient power.


Have you tried to monitor vid card temps with a windowed 3D app?


What is your power supply?

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