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Asus P5B vanilla/regular vdroop and vdimm pencil mods

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I have googled and at best I found pictures of


a) highres pics of the deluxe boards being pencil modded


B) ridiculously lowres pics of where to draw pencil on the vanilla model


c) high res pics of the p5b-e, or deluxe being pencil modded


But nothing of decent res on the plain model being pencil modded. :(


The last time I modded a board I had to take a mild sedative so my hand'd stay still enough to get it right. I can't solder in such a small space with the amount of natural jitter in my hands. it's too small a space for me to do it without a least 2 hours. I'd rather stick to pencil - it's easier. I've been through the arguement in IRC before of "real men solder while voltmodding" - for the sake of this discussion, I'll hang my "real man" title at the door. :P


Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I can post pictures of my board if required. :)

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