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my review - impressive and cheap

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just wanted to throw this in here. when i was building my budget/perfomance pc for the first time, i was trying to cut corners wherever i could. unfortunately it seems like everyone says, if there's one place you shouldn't cut corners, it's the cpu, or the ram, or the ps, or the board, or anything. well i learned a few things from that, or maybe i was lucky, anyway... rosewill's power supplies seem to be a good deal. they kind of remind me of taurus guns that used to have a bad rep for quality but turned it totally around with the newer models. i have the 400w stallion series and it has performed flawlessly. it's powering an overclocked dual core, 2 ddr2 sticks(used to be 4), sata hd, cd/dvd, overclocked x1950pro(pretty power hungry), dfi board, a cold cathode, evercool chipset cooler, 1-100cfm fan-turbine, 1-120mm fan, 1-92mm fan, 4-80mm fans(total of 11 fans).


the ps has two fans, two 12v rails, a million plugs, the wires are covered, it looks good and it feels like a quality power supply. it's held up for about 4 months now (and another buddy of mine has one). i know one review doesn't show all, but if you look at the reviews on newegg for any of the rosewill power supplies, almost all of them are 5 star rated. anyway, i feel pretty good being that this one cost me about 30 bucks when i could've easily spent 100 bucks trying to power this system. that is all.


update: just wanted to add that i went ahead and purchased a 600w rosewill since i was cutting it close with my old power supply. what can i say, another excellent value, i picked it up for $52 on newegg and it is now $75. 2-12v rails w/ 19a each (35a combined). it looks awesome, with a black mirror finish, has a blue led, a quiet and powerful 120mm fan (has 3 position fan switch), plenty of cables, including two pci-e. the only downside so far is that only the main power is sleeved while the rest of the cables are not (unlike the 400w which are all sleeved). it looks to me like rosewill is expanding into the high-end spectrum as well, and has introduced some high power 4 rail supplies as well. anyway, once again i am very pleased.


here's a pic 17-182-032-17.jpg

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