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First Water Cooling Projcet Lian Li V2000

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Lian Li V2000

PA 120.3

Yate Loon Fans

D5 Pump

Apogee GT


Micro Res

7/16” Tubing


I wanted to push the radiator as far back as possible to keep the hard drive rack fully intact. I made a radiator template in AutoCAD, using the dimensions from Themochill’s website. Got the idea for the radiator placement from OC UK

I originally wanted to use the Dremel tungsten router bit with the circle cutter, but it didn’t cut worth a crap, so I cut it with cutting wheels and the flex shaft




It was pretty scary cutting into my Lian Li case. I took it slow making little cuts at a time. Two down and one to go




Here is the final result not to bad for a free hand Dremel. I ordered some molding from Frozen Cpu, but it was to thin. I am debating putting fan grills over top the holes, or just the molding. I can figure that out later. If you look between my feet you can see my rabbit being nosey. Every thing fit fine, now to the pump.




I wanted to keep the reservoir feeding the pump, with the radiator feeding the blocks with the order RES > PUMP> RAD>CPU>GPU>RES. I know the order doesn’t make a hole lot of difference, but this order will also create the shortest tube length.

I needed to flip the pump upside down, I actually found these clips used to hang mirrors




Final after tapping the clips




After hanging the pump and drilling some holes to route the tubing




Close Up




The Res. Run




More To Come Later!!

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yep its my first, i did a hole heck of a lot of research, i actually finished it. just need to hook up my matrix orbital. but i think my 6800 gt temp is too high it idles at 40 degrees.


All of the air is bleed out once i flipped the case around some. now its really quite. My Newcastle idles at 26 degrees is that OK

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I wanted to give the case a little more lift for the rad fans, i found some 1 inch risers at Ace, but I had to redrill and tap the holes because i couldnt find a long enough bolt




I think it turned out good




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finally to install the water block. I had trouble with the apogee on this board it seems that the provided one inch bolts were not long enough so i had to go up a size





Time to fill the system and leak test, man there were a lot of bubbles at first and the pump was loud as hell, but i rotated the case a little bit and once it ran overnight it got real quite



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ok the bottom looks like a mess. I am planning on cleaning it up later




Finished let there be light







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one more




the blue die i got really sucks it only lasted one day, i got to call and get them to send me something different

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