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Router Bits

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you know Im not sure..


But I belive if you got a metal cutting bit for like a jigsaw..

you maybeable to pop it in the router.. I know they have the BIIG blades.. but, I dont know..


I dont know if I would use a router...


But then again.. I did my case mod in tinsnips

some Im sure that would work better :)

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If you have a jigsaw.. I know that would work pretty much the best unless u got a dremel..


Id just go to ur local hardware store ask someone who looks fairly intelligent and say hey j00 have metal cutting blades for a router..



and if hes smart he will say

Yes we do there this way..


No Sir, Im sorry theres no such thing..


or if hes dumb..


Daarr... uh.. metal? oh yeah.. oh.. this way... daar.. my name is phil..

im 20 years old.. daaar.. did you want blue spray paint or black?



but yeah.. u get the drift :)

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