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Too good to be true? (4300 & DS3 3.3)

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Hi :)


Well, this is my first Core 2 Duo overclocking experience, so please be patient :rolleyes:


I was given the task of building a computer for a friend. He wanted a cheap, reliable gaming rig. I'm still stuck in the S939 era, so I read a few reviews and this is what I got:


Core 2 Duo 4300

Gigabyte A-965P-DS3

Crucial DDR2 BallistiX PC5300 2048MB CL3 ,kit w/two (supposed to be the best D9's IC's)

Sapphire 1950PRO 256MB

Antec Sonata II with Antec SmartPower 450W

Samsung 250GB SATAII harddrive

Samsung DVD Combo writer


Built it togheter and fired it up, no problems at all. Flashed to the latest F10 bios and started cranking it up. After just half and hour or so (including reading some forums) I was up to 334x9 with 1.4V running the memory @ 1000 MHz 4-4-4-12 and 2.2V :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


Remember, I am used to all the tweaks in DFI bioses :tooth: All I did was changing timings, upped the vcore, vdimm, +0.1 MCH (chipset) and +0.1 FSB. I am using the stock cooling with SmartFan enabled. Haven't seen the fan spin up to more than 1100 RPM and after 20 minutes of Prime95 Core Temp reports about 53C on both cores. That isn't high at all for Core 2 Duo if I've understood it correctly. I mean, what the hell, could this really be accurate? Gigabytes Ntune crap reports 45C at load.


I want to get one of these for myself next :drool:

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WOW, I am impressed: stock cooling, 450W PSU (I know Sonata is good). I was thinking of Asrock 4core (or whatever it is called) with E4300, but you might have changed my mind. Looking forward to seeing your further test results and gaming results.

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