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Memory not 100% stable

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I'm currently running 4 x 512MB of PC3200 PNY memory. All the sticks have the same chips and far as I know, they are from the same batch (week).


At the moment, they do run in Dual Channel mode (128bit) and the system does boot into windows fine.


The current timings are 3-3-3-8 2T with 2.5v. I can post all the memory setting if requested.


I'm able to run the memory benchmarks in Everest 2006 without any errors. Also, SuperPi 1M runs ok (35s, yesa I know its slow:p ) and it runs a couple of benchmarks in FarCry & Doom3. I'm currently running SP2004 (no errors so far)


My issue is that I know the memory is not 100% stable as MemTest fails on test 8 (approx 6%). I've tried different settings for the memory but I've have no joy.


Does anyone have any ideas on how I could improve the stability?

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By selling your memory and getting a 2x1GB kit? I don't know why everyone tries to run 4x512 on the NF4 chipsets, but it almost never works well, if at all. One thing I'll say is that you need to use memtest with only 1 dimm installed, and check each dimm in this manner, to rule out one of the four being damaged.


I'd also recommend avoiding PNY products in the future, I've seen way too many issues with their stuff.

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I know all the sticks are good as I've tested each one (and in pairs) with memtest (10 passes without error)


Just so you know, if I set all the memory settings to auto, the memory speed is set to 166Mhz (DDR333) and the system is stable.


I've run SP2004 for 6 hours without any issues. and so far, the issue only appears in Memtest, Aquamark & 3DMark01/3/5/6.


Here's the full memory settings I'm using.


FSB/DRAM Divider: 200

Tcl: 3

Trcd: 3

Tras: 8

Trp: 3

Trc: 12

Trfc: 14

Trrd: 2

Twr: 3

Twtr: 2

Trtw: 4

Tref: 3072

Twcl: 1

Bank Int: Enabled

Skew Control: Auto

Skew Value: 0

Drive strength: Auto

Data strength: Auto

Max Async: 6

DRAM Response Time: Normal

Read Preamble: 5

Idle Cycle: 016

Dynamic Counter: Enable

R/W Bypass: 8

Bypass Max: 4

32bit Gran: Disable(4)

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Do you have problems in windows or playing any games? If this is only in the benchmarks I wouldn't care about it! As long as you can use your rig without problems! Another thing would be to buy 2x1GB! :)

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So far, windows and gaming are ok. But IMO, if i can't benchmark, it means the system is not 100% stable.


I do plan to buy 2 1Gb sticks when funds allow it. I guess i'll have to run the 2Gb at DDR333 or put back my 1Gb of G.Skill for a 100% stable system......

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