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Vista Hibernate Problem

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I leave my PC running all the time and usually there's a program or 2 open, so its nice to have the option to hibernate automatically if the power goes out while I'm gone or asleep. In XP this worked. I've now upgraded the same PC to Vista-32. In Vista when I hibernate the monitor goes blank and the power light on the PC goes out, but all the other lights stay on and the fans keep running. I let the PC sit like that for about 10 minutes to see if it would eventually shut down, but nothing changed. I finally pushed the power button to resume windows, but the message came up saying Windows was not shutdown properly. I was able to get back to Windows without any problem, but nothing was saved from my hibernate attempt.


I've seen problems with Standby & Sleep in the forums, so I've disable all the Sleep options I could find in the Vista Control panel.



Is there also an issue with hibernate in Vista?

Is there any bios setting I need to check?

Is there any improvement with the latest bios?

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