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Mushkin Redline XP4000 (DDR500) CL2 2x512MB


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On each stick there is a sticker which reads:


1GB XP4000 (2x512MB) REDLINE


VOID if removed

991440 0352-1



To clarify, this ram is DDR500 (PC4000) speed ram, with 2-2-2 timings. It needs a DFI motherboard capable of 3.3v+ on VDIMM or the OCZ dongle which gets you there with another motherboard.


This ram has been sitting in it's packaging for 6+ months (bought secondhand), but when I was unable to get another pair (to have 2GB) I decided to sell it.


I will accept paypal, money order plus I'm sure there are other forms of payment which would be fine too (pm me!).


Looking for 145USD (includes shipping from New Zealand).



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