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DFI Infinity 975x/g and slow USB write performance

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I know this place is no longer the DFI support center it used to be, but I'm still hoping for some advice.


I have a DFI Infinity 975X/G, great board no huge issues with it at this time.


I also have a Team Group 2GB flash drive(I won it along with a 2gb RAM kit, both are nice)


(I think I have a slightly different revision but same idea)



this drive is/can be fast. When I use it at school, it saves small files faster than the harddrives on the relatively slow computers there(866mhz PIII w/ 368mb RAM)


When I use the drive at home however it is different. Reads seem almost instantaneous. Writes are slow though. Agonizingly slow - atleast for ~100kb snes9x save state files. it takes around 1-2seconds to save a file. At school, it's instantaneous, same goes for on my parents PCs.


current setup


DFI Infinity 975X/G 12/1 BIOS

2*1GB Patriot LLK RAM

2*1GB TeamGROUP Xtreem RAM

c2d 6400


drive delay occurs at any OCing setting, it doesn't matter if the system is at stock or if it's at 150%(400FSB)



any advice?



EDIT: it takes longer to write 4 100kb files than it does to write a single 30mb file on this system

EDIT2: replacing the game's save file which is rather large has a decent seems instant.

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