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X2 4200+ LCBKE 0642xpmw

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I have tested / played around with this cpu with a DFI UT SLI-DR Expert and Crucial Ballistix BL12864Z503.16TF2Y BH-5F 2*1024GB memory

It is a manchester with a toledo core.

CPU-Z validation: http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=190912

At this moment it runs @ 3GHz (300*10) 1.5V, memory @ 200MHz 2.66V under Vista

It succeeded with 2 instances of superpi 32M, did run orthos only for 3 hours without errors, so i won't and can't call it stable at this moment

This could be a promising 3GHz OC.


I will make a OCDB entry when done with the complete test procedures.

I will put the stuff into my Armor case together with my EVGA 8800GTS card, this card is a real monster :), when i have some time.

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