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How is the NF4 Infinity?

Guest Jakalwarrior_merged

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Guest Jakalwarrior

Couldn't find much for reviews or information about this board anywhere. Found about 2 on google but neither were very in depth. I went ahead and bought it anyway since the little bit of info I could find on it led me to believe it should be good for at least 270HTT.


How is the board really though? what is the max HTT it can usually do. Is it very tolerant of memory? I don't know what kind of chips are on my memory but they act similar to TCCD. They don't like more than 2.9vdimm and they do 2-2-2-5 at 200 or 3-3-3-8 at 300 with 2.75vdimm the max on this board. I am eager to see how they will do with more voltage and a board that isn't memory retarded (this board notoriously hates 1t, mine cant do 1t past 245 and I am very lucky it will do that).

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