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HVAC Informational Material for ALL!


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Here I offer to ALL a collection of HVAC Informational Material for those new to Phase Change Cooling and also to the veterans out there. I hope this material will be of good use to those with lots of questions and those that just need more questions answered. Newbies out there should use the search function more often before asking general question but this is one of the reasons I'm posting this collection so that you can answer your own questions,... hopefully :)


Contents of torrent:


972K 17 - Air Systems- Air Duct Design.pdf

507K A Hand Book ForThe Mechanical Designer Ventilation, Duct, Fan.pdf

7.8M ADC_Standards(HVAC, Flexible,American Duct Council).pdf

37M ASHRAE 1999 HVAC ApplicationsHandbook.pdf

65M ASHRAE HVAC 2001 FundamentalsHandbook.pdf

34M CRC Handbook of HVAC.pdf

29M Engineering - Ashrae 2000Hvac Systems And Equipment Handbook.pdf

6.8M Engineering - Hvac Fundamentals(2004) 4Ed; Ocr 7.0-2.6 Lotb -Audel.pdf

8.1M Fundamentals HVAC.pdf

542M HVAC GTAC 1 -General Training Air Conditioning I-Manual.rar

535M HVAC GTAC 2 -General Training Air Conditioning II- Manual.rar


6.7M SMACNA_Commercial_Duct_Design.pdf

4.7M SMACNA_Residential_Duct_Design.pdf

13M Wiley, Audel Hvac FundamentalsVolume 1 Heating Systems (2004) Yyepg Lotb.pdf


Total size in Gigabytes:





Using Bittorrent: http://rapidshare.com/files/28141390/HVAC_Collection.torrent

Rapidshare Shared Folder URL: http://rapidshare.com/users/LF1XG


I will be seeding this for everyone but don't just download, make sure to seed so you can share with others too. Remember knowledge is power and we should all share it.


Enjoy it.


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Thanks man; Always nice to have extra reference material. Especially for an engineer (took the FE last saturday :O )


Man that's downloading FAST over 220 kB/s


I may write a H2O loop heat transfer analysis in the summer; if I do I'll be sure to upload it as well.

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