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FS: Opty 1210,M2N-E,Geil 667 Ram and more


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For References see my profile at www.blazingpc.com under name jmc7983 that is the only place I have bought or sold items, and i am in good standings as you can see. If a mod sees this pm me and i will do whats neccesary to give you any info you need. thank you for looking guys.


ALSO: If anyone wants pics of individual parts/serial #'s please feel free too ask in the thread or pm and i will take a pic of the part in question in more detail.


okay, I have finally decided too take the leap too Conroe/Allendale and I need too sell my other two rigs too finance it.


first up is my AM2 Build.

Mobo- ASUS M2N-E 0801 bios Update

CPU - AMD Opteron 1210 (1.8 Stock, @ 2.4 right now)

Vid - Nvidia Quadro PCI-E NVS 280

PSU - Super Talent 550Watt Dual 12v. rail PSU

RAM - 1GB Stick Of Geil 667 ram



Mobo- $75

CPU- $110

RAM- $75

Vid- $50

Psu- $40


Mobo ---$75 Shipped

Mobo+Cpu ---$165 Shipped

Mobo+Cpu+RAM ---$240 Shipped



Next Is a 939 Build


Ram - (1) 512Mb stick Corsair VR

PSU - Super Talent 550Watt Dual 12v. rail PSU


Ram -$30

PSU - $40



Sold Items:

HDD - 320Gb Maxtor 7200Rpm Sata HDD. SOLD To FatMagic

Case - Raidmax Sagitta Gaming Case SOLD To FatMagic

CPU - AMD FX-53 SOLD To knopflerbruce

MOBO- DFI Lanparty UT Ultra D (no mods) SOLD To HITandRUN

VID - nvidia NVS280 SOLD To Watertown28

Case - Nzxt Nemesis Elite Black SOLD (other forum)

HDD - Seagate 7200rpm 160Gb IDE hdd SOLD (other forum)

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knopflerbruce and tsar both responded, thanks for looking. come on guys, You know you want this stuff!!!, I have been folding away at around 700-850ppd with the am2 dual core 1210 and around 300ppd with the fx-53 rig, so you folders out there, snag these up for a good ppd increase. :P

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Bump and Maxtor hdd pending and also the sagitta gaming case all other items off the am2 build are still available, and also all the items off the 939 build are available except the fx-53 and the vid card.

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