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Hi all!

I've just got my DFI LanParty MoBo *SLI-DR* and Venice 3200+, and I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me.

I'm transferring from my Athlon-M 2600+ *max clock 2.9G @air* and NF7-S rev2.

I'm keeping TwinMos Speed Premium (Winbond UTT).

With this rig I was able to take 10*220 (2-2-2-11)@ 3V dimm rock stable, and was able to benchmark in Sandra with 10*240 (2-2-2-11) also at 3V!

I'm aiming to 10*270-280 *2-2-2-5*! (Venice was working 2.7-2.8G rock solid at box cooler according to the guy that sold me MoBo and processor)

So I'm asking you to tell me:

Which BIOS will be best match for my MoBo and memory to take my goal?

How much juice will I need to supply to the memory to achieve this?

What kind of fan do you recommend for active cooling?

Will it be enough in hot summer days to keep memory from frying?


Looking forward to all your help!


Best luck!


P.S. PSU is LC6550G (550W Silent Giant) so it not suppose to be a problem.

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