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Fried A Chip, Any Tips?

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Whilst migrating my second system from a socket 754 from an Asus motherboard to a LP NF3 250GB I made the mistake of leaving its previous PUS in place an Ultra X PSU (I've read the disaster threads & spoken with DFI support) and it seems to have fried my beautful and rare 3400 754 venice! oh the tradegy she was ready to give so much more once I got her settled in a DFI board :sweat:


I was wondering if anyone had any last ditch attempts on how I might be able to bring the chip back to life if thats even at all possible not that I think it is but I thought I would ask anyways.


I cant get RMA on it as it was bought from HongKong on Ebay =(


I've tested the chip in 3 different 754 mobos along with 2 different PSU's (the ultra-x has been literally tossed out the window) and nothing happens not even the CPU HSF spins up =(


I'm so sad that chip was awesome!

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Guest Blooz1

Sorrry to hear about yer loss! Sounds like you've already checked it out thoroughly.


Too bad, frame it maybe?

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