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SLi-DR Wont Post

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Hey all. My first post :P


Here's the problem: when i turn on the psu with all the connectors in place (24pin, 4pin, 4pin molex and floppy)and turn on the computer it powers on, then straight off. I can remove the 4pin connector, which means that the psu doesnt turn off. However this isnt much sue as the motherboard isnt fully powered now.


When i jump start the psu i can leave the 4pin connector in and the power will stay constant. No turning off. Likewise this isnt much use. All four LED's stay red during the powering on process. I have tried changing the processor (opty -> 3700+), yet all that does is that the psu stays on for a few seconds longer, then powers off. I have also changed the ram over. nothing flashes on the screen. i have also reset the cmos. It booted on my old Hiper (before the PCI-e Rail fried)


I contacted Hiper as the psu i was using was brand new (i had received it from them that morning!). they told me to contact DFI which i have done, and i have had no response of yet, 3 days and counting.


So what do you all think?

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