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1 LED - Won't Boot

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Hi guys,


I installed a new HSF in my system about a week ago - wouldn't boot.


3 LEDs...


Check the ram... it's fine.


Short cmos clear... no go.


Come here, see the long CMOS clear advice.


Cleared cmos, 30mins - booted into bios once.

Load optimised defaults.

Save and reboot.

3 LEDs.


Do a 24-hour clear.

Turn it on, 1 red LED.


Turn it off and on again => 3 red LEDs




Pull out the bios chip, attempt to hotflash it with a mates A7N8X-X.

It won't flash properly - failed to write about 1/4 of it.


Thinking the chip itself is buggered.



I ordered a new one from Tmod before I found out about hotflashing, so I'm waiting on that to arrive.


Any thoughts on how likely this will be to fix it?

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