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Guitar Hero - Xbox360 price-gouging


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since my post maybe didn't explain a whole lot of background, here's a post from one of the guys in teh Guitar Hero forums that pretty much sums up my feelings:


Yet another lurker signing up to add their pennies worth to the discussion. I am a long time gamer - can still remember when I bought my original copy of jetpac, and am sitting beside a pile of gameboxes that have probably been around for longer than half the posters on the forums :), and I am in the enviable position of being able to afford pretty much all the game content I want. I have had an both xbox and a 360 from launch and have been registered on live since the start, so I am not anti microsoft or marketplace per se.


I have both GH1 and GH2 on the PS2 and enjoyed them both, and even though the xbox 360 version attracted the usual £20 ($35) premium over PS2 or PC games, I was willing to buy it again for the idea of marketplace content.


I intended to buy all the tracks from GH1, assuming a price which would have approached the cost of the original game, and looked forward to an endless stream of new tracks, extending the lifetime of a great game, and giving the marketplace an almost endless revenue stream to bleed us all dry - with all of us happily forking out for song after song.


However, when the prices for the DLC were posted I was amazed at just how far off the mark they were. All thoughts of a reasonable cost, high volume sales strategy seem to have gone completely out the window, sad when it was such an obvious moneyspinner, and instead they have managed to alienate one of the strongest and most supportive (and most willing to be sold their product) communities around any game.


When the cost of downloadable content actually reaches almost double that of shipped and packaged product, then I am afraid that no matter how much I would like to play it, and irrespective of the fact that I could afford it if I chose to, I have to vote with my wallet and say no.


My copy of GH2 360 has been returned for refund, and I will return to playing this great game on the PS2 as before, and any revenue stream I might have generated (and played right I could have happily been milked dry :) has been lost forever.


Let us hope that someone realises from this debacle that even when you have an obvious moneyspinner and a willing and captive market, it is possible to try and be too greedy.


Returning to lurk mode and the anonymity of the silent majority once more.

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