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3.3v sensor gone faulty(shows 5 month old board

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my 3.3v sensor via mbm5 or via bios screen health..


is now saying 1.09v.



psu tested shows 3.3v


and system is fully stable...


i have 2 boards (expert) iv rip out my new d rev board and put in the replacement c version.. its ok....shows 3.3/// 3.28 etc..


i have mbm log file every 60 sec....



why has my sensor gone wrong...


show i send it back under warrenty


its 5 months old..


how long is the warrenty..

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1 year warranty from date of purchase.

Yeah send it back.


Did you recently flash the bios?

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no...new board came with last known up to date bios....


just downloading...checking email then...mbm5 warned me of low voltage..


i though faulty software glitch... but same in bios..


actual now its saying .098 volts before it was 1.09



boards never been clocked... at 4800 + 1900xtx it does every thing i need..

no mods on it..stock standard....everything heatsink etc...


last board that died (11months old) had a th 90c heatsink... but i decides it was not warthy to clock t as i cant get rid of the heat via air cooling....and i needed a rock stable setup...


i only run bf2 - 2142 for a few hours a week...rest of the time...print invoices etc...watch dvds..

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