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Ultra D Intresting Boot Problem

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Hi, i have has this problem for a while now. when i turn on my computer it posts and everything and on the next screen i get all the device info then just a blinking cursor, after about 3 seconds the computer reboots. It might take 5 trys to get it to boot windows some days.


Does anyone know anthing about this problem?

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Do you have all 4 power connectors plugged into the board?

- 24pin ATX

- 4pin +12v P4 connector

- Molex on top the chipset fan

- Molex under the CPU socket


Does it hand at the verifying DMI pool... or before that?

Usually this happens when the memory timings are incorrect.


Are your 4x256MB sticks exactly the same?

(Bought at the same time)


What are the rated memory timings, eg 2.5-3-3-6.

Go into the BIOS and increase the memory voltage to 2.8v.


And do this. (Genie settings >DRAM configuration)

CPC = Disabled

Max async latency = 6ns

Dram response = Normal

Read Preamble = 5ns

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