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NF-sli-m2 Anything over stock = garbage

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Alright well here are the component for this comp


1212 opty

DFI nf-sli-m2

2gb OCZ ti ddr2-800 with epp (1t)


ocz gx2 850


Tryed everything from giving the cpu 1.6v to increasing ht to 1.7 and leaving ht multi on 3x with 250 fsb x10. Have tryed making ram 1t and 2t 5-5-5-15 at 2.2v Also have explored the x9 multi to no avail.


Comp crashes with 1.35-1.55v to cpu at 220fsb x10 and its driving me nuts, anything but default wont boot or if it does it loads windows and then when you try to start a program it just doesnt do anything and I have to restart. Any clues would be great thanks.


IT seems to work great with 1 stick of 512mb PC2-3200, could it be a week memory controller? Because it does 2.9ghz 10hrs stable with the slower ram. Doesnt play nice with my Ballistix Tracers either.


Please tell me there is a magic bios setting im just forgetting to utilize.


PS Lan Party is on the way :rolleyes:

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