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PC Power and Cooling 510 Deluxe, DD TDX 939 block,DDR2 + More

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All Prices Include USPS Priority Shipping CONUS Non CC Pay Pal or US Postal Money Order (IF you have more heat then me and wish to pay differently we can discuss other types of payment via PM) Everything but the motherboard guaranteed not doa.



1Gig BH5 HyperX KHX3200/512 x 2 This is some good stuff 2-2-2-5 @ 250 3.3 volts (YMMV) SOLD

Photo MemTest


PC Power and Cooling Turbo Cool 300 ATX --$20.00 Photo




Danger Den TDX socket 939 Water Block

Plus a socket A top for the same block ---$SOLDPhoto 1 Photo 2


1.3 gig Duron and generic heat sink and fan---$18.00 Photo



Laptop Ram Hynix PC2 4200 2 @ 256---$15.00



Pro Mos 512 Kit DDR2 PC24200 2 @ 256 pn v916732j24qafw-e4---SOLD

Photo 1 Photo 2



USB 2- 5 port PCI Adapter---$12.00 Photo


Lan Party Nf4 Ultra D almost full retail Board is dead ---SOLD

I could never get it to post beyond the lanparty logo. There are some scratches

on the back of the board around the chipset hold downs not put there by me.

I have a thread in the DFI section on everything I tried to get it to post.

So If want to give it a shot or just need the rounded cables and audio module

you are welcome to it no warranty of any kind on this

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