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AnUnknownSource's For Sale / WTB List

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Trading open again as of 9-MAY-2008. I'm working on updated photos of all this gear.


Heatware ID: AnUnknownSource 17-0-0 (100% Postive)


Ebay ID: moneybag2 (62, 100% Positive)






Motherboards, CPUs and Memory:


all items sold





D-Link DSL G664T Wireless DSL Router - I have two, don't need one, it has a german power cord, but any 12V power adapter will work (cheap at radioshack or walmart) -
$45 shipped



Add-in Cards (PCI etc):


all items sold





, used but in great condition. I'm only selling this because I upgraded to a Logitech G5 mouse and corded keyboard for gaming.


Fans, Fan Grills, HSFs and Accessories:


$15 each


. Pretty quiet, good color, BARELY used
$8 each


, used, but in great condition. I have 10 left -
$2 for first, $1.50 for each additional


$1 each


I can provide a UV red or blue fan for
$4 additional






. Heatercore type. It looks like a DTek, but I'm not sure. I re-sat the barbs with some teflon tape, but haven't leak tested it, it should be fine just make sure first ;-)



HDD and other storage:






Misc. Cables and Hardware:


... I have 5 left -
for the first, add
$2 for each additional cable






Free + Shipping


SOLD Items:


Fellowes CD Organizer - shadowmansm

MCP650 and MCP355 Pumps - runeofearth

Fillport and Yate Loon Fans to ghostfacekilla

CPU, MB, RAM combo to OC Nooby

Radeon X300SE to HitandRun

Fand Duct, Theta fan Controller and 3-4 pin Adapters to Technohydra

Hose Clamps to Jachyra007

DD Maze4 GPU to a referral from t_ski

Buying: (pm me)

X-Box 360, Halo 3 and X-Box 360 gear


Bought Items:

Radiator and Grill from FrostyAMD

Lian-Li PC-G70-S Case from ooeric

Koosah Waterblock from shadowmansm

Watercooling bundle from snowpro

Cyberpower Gaming Laptop from Kryptik

Neoprene from Likewhoa

Random Assortment from nikehz

D5 Pump and 120 Rad from haven

Lanbag from Doctor Carta

Audigy2ZS Gamer from Pkilway ($30 donated to the street! Buy from this guy!)

OCZ Gold GX (XTC) PC4000 2x1GB (3-4-3-8)
from Angry_Games

Asus EN6600 from Splave

SFF Rig from Smoove910

Dual TV Tuner from General Septem

Compro Laptop TV Tuner from radodrill

*Pending* Quake Wars and usb-serial adapter from HITandRUN

*Pending* OBDII Code reader from shadowmansm


Panaflo and Yate loon fans to t_ski for speaker grills, stereo accessories, DVD-Rom drive

Thanks for looking!


PM me if you want to make an offer, have a suggestion or think a price is unfair. I will consider everyones input, thanks!


I ship Via USPS Priority for all orders going to the states or to another APO address. I will use tracking, insurance if you want on any item over $25 but you pay the difference.


International is possible, I will discuss an updated price based on your location.


I am fairly new to DIY-Street and forum trading, but not to Ebay. I registered on ebay back in 1999, and I have 100% feedback for buying and selling. I am willing to provide a verifiable phone number and address via PM.

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Thanks Sharp.


I need to let everyone know, I'll be in Basic Training for a few weeks, then at Tech School, and it'll be a few months before I get all my stuff back, so for now, my DIY-Store is closed :-) I'll be back clearing out some more stuff when I get to my first Duty Assignment.


If a mod wants to close this thread, be my guest, I'll ask to re-open it when I'm back up and running. Thanks Guys!

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