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Hey ya'll its 7am EST time.. I just got home from work.. and I am not going to bed..


My Comp has been on for: 4wks 3days 14hrs 41mins 56secs


and I told my self.. after my comp has been on for 1 month.. I am going to shut it down.. and put some more mods on it..


Well I made a fanbus.. it only took me.. 3 trys.. But I got it!!


and.. I drilled it wrong in to my front bezel.. so I am still working on it..


and I got a compnurse.. which I think I am going to set on my processer.. :P


I am going to clean out this beast.. and work on it..


I have a LAN party Aug. 1st.. and I wont have the fastest machine there.. But I am going to have the best looking..


I will take pics and post them on the website :)


I only posted this cuz I wanted to brag, that my comp has been up and running for 1 month and 3 days :)


d3bruts1d I couldent do it :)


windows 2000 0wnz!! :)


l8rz ya'll n wish me luck on my baybus.. godknows I need it :)




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