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BIG OC Problem with NF4 Expert and Samsung UCCC

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Hi ocers,


at first i want to say that you have a beautiful board here.

I always enjoy it to scroll down te pages and i find solutions for every question i have. So now i want to discribe my problem.

2 weeks agoo i decided to built a new system based on S939.

I bought the following components:


Mainboard: DFI Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3700+ (DKA5CF) -> 3GHZ -> 1,32V

Graphiccard: ATI Radeon X1900XTX

Ram: 2*1024MB Samsung UCCC (2923DUN) -> built in week 1 year 07

Power Supply: Bequiet BGT P5 S 1.3 520W

Hard disk: WD Raptor WD740ADFD

The CPU is colled by water (30°C load)


Now to the problem.

I started ocing the CPU and the Ram.

The CPU runs 3100MHZ (300x10) with 1,55V (Ram to 200MHZ)

The Ram runs 265MHZ with 2,64V (CPU to 2200MHZ)

Then i wanted to combine these settings but no way.

I tried 10*300MHZ and for the Ram 250MHZ CPU ist stable with 1,55V V-Core :eek2:

I tried 9*334 and for the Ram 250MHZ-> no way

I tried 11*273MHZ and for the Ram 250MHZ -> lol it is stable with 1,37V V-Core

So this is my problem.

It seems that i only can oc CPU or Ram to an high level but not both at the same time:

I changed the Bios, I controlled the temps but it doesnt work.

Is it possible that my Ram the problem is?

What can i do for the Subtimings (There are so many things to change in the Bios)

This Borad here is my last chance.

Can you help me please?:)

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could be your psu theres a great guide on the site here for recommended psus or poss your secondary timings, i'm no expert so i'll offer no advice as it'll be probable wrong. but all i know is change on thing at a time and work away slowly and you'll get there.

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