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F10 from bios and system shuts down

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Whenever I save and exit from bios or restart from windows my system shuts down. Pushing the power button and the system starts normally.????

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are you clocking? this is one behavior that surfaces when clocking the system.....it may be a ram setting, or your vcore needs a little boost, or the overclock needs to be backed down a bit.


i have had various processors/setups in the past few years that did this, it always boiled down to a component (MB, RAM, CPU, or just a bios clockage setting or two).


i know this doesn't help, but you can play on your own with settings and may just find the sweet spot in the process...




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An overnight cmos clear did the trick but when I set all voltages and memory speeds as before the problem was back


I cleared the cmos again and began using my prior settings again, but this time I only changed several at a time and rebooted until it would shut down,

The problem was the chipset voltage at 1.7 or 1.8 is when it will not restart.

All my other settings and voltages remain as they were.


I just ran prime 95 for about 3 hours with no problems


Everything else is running great memtest ok

currently at 12x220 mem at 2-2-2-5-7 1t 3.2 volts 11,000+ 3d mark 05

back to playing ( I mean testing) :beer :beer

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