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A64 Stability Problems.. need help..

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My rig (se sign) has always been overclocked, for the most time @ 264x11 1:1 2.5-3-3-8 2.9v.


it has been quite stable for some time now, 8-10h in prime95, never any BSOD or hangups.


Anyways... 2 mounths ago i started having major stability issues. after some testing i found out that one of my Ballistix allways failed memtest no matter what voltage or settings. the other ram was OK.


So i bought a new Ballistix 512 ram, to somehow match the other one.

The new ram as expected dident OC as well as the old one.

So i lowered the clocks, did a prime95 run and it seemed OK (i did a clear COMS after the ram switch).


Then after ~2 weeks, suddenly i gott a hangup in a game, directly after the reboot i did a prime95 run... 1 min error... :eek2:.

I rebooted again, and after 1-2 min and did a second prime95 run (the same clocks). 1h+ stable... what the **** i thought, a bug or something, and cancelled the prime run.


Than some days later, the same thing happens.. this time i lowered the clocks and it seemed ok. But after some time again the same thing.


so i started to test out different settings but i could not gett it stable no matter what.. the only thing that seemed to help is to lower the clocks. Bumping upp the core voltage also seemed to have a poitive effect.


The temps have never been above 51c and the vcore.. max 1.42v (cpu-z)


Now it is very bad, recently i tested 220x11 1:1 3-4-4-8 2.9v and 1h error in prime 95.

The memory seems stable in memtest, i runned 8x250 1.1 3-4-4-8 2.9v without errors. but @ 11x250 3-4-4-8 2.9v it has problems to boot.


It seems that the system is getting more and more unstable over time.

I tested Optimized defaults in bios but thay are totaly unstable.


what is wrong... is the cpu busted or is it the bios....

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Have you memtested the new ones with the remaining good old one - is that the configuration that you are running now? You may have issues running them in dual channel as they aren't a matched pair... You should RMA the bad pair of ballistix back to crucial. they aren't supposed to just "develop" memory errors like that - and the ballistix are fairly notorious for it... Once you get them back you should be good to go again...

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I bought just one new 512 stick. And right now i run the new one with the working old one, so that may very likely be the problem, they are not matched pair. But i have memtested them without errors.

i will se if they work better in single channel.





yes it is the memory. I tested a single stick and could run my old config with no problems. i tryed to put them in single channel ( the orange and yelow slot near the edge ), but could´t load into win. The screen where xp is supposed to load is just black and nothing more happens.

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