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Geil RAM and DFI Infinity 975X/G

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Kind of pissed off that I turned on my computer this morning and managed to fry a stick of my Corsair XMS2. I had already voided the warranty some months ago when I pushed the DDR2-675 to 1005MHz @ 2.45v, so Im not too upset. I had since reduced it to 838MHz on the 800MHz divider with my CPU at 3.0GHz at stock volts.


Now I have one of my beautiful sticks of XMS2 sitting here on my desk.


Im now looking at these Geil sticks on newegg, not because theyre orange, but because theyre DDR2-800 and can be pushed to 2.4v without voiding the warranty. Cheap too, free jump drive is a plus I guess... already got a 1GB stick though.


How does Geil work with DFI motherboards? Any other RAM recommendations? I was looking into Mushkin on newegg, but I dont see any DDR2-800 with low timings short of the eXtreme or Redlines. I would love a pair of Redline sticks, but I cant afford it. Any cheapish RAM... like, under $170ish? 2x1GB

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