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What CPU/memory for DFI expert 939

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I have a DFI expert 939 board, and am looking to upgrade the memory and cpu. I eventually am going to build a new computer in a couple years, so I want to stick with 939 right now. I have an FX-53 that has gone toast, and my memory is in need of an upgrade. I can still get the FX-60 off ebay, or should I get a 2.8 FX-57 or an opteron? Also, I'm not a huge overclocker, rather have something fast out of the box that I can do minor tweaks to increase speed. Should I get an o.c.'ed PC3200 crucial tracer or ocz gold, or go for a PC4000? Any auggestions?

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iv got a 4800... if you are not going to clock.. its fast...


just use ddr400 ram... geting ddr 500ram is very expensive for old ram..


all ddr2 now..

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It depends alot on your budget.


If you let me spend your money, I'd do it like this.

G.SKILL 2GB kit $155

X2 3800+ $110

$255 for a some good harware.

Even at stock you will have plenty of power. These can easily be clocked to 2.4 -2.6 without much effort.


If you can afford more, then I'd think hard about going Intel C2D, you get alot more for your dollar there.

Gigabyte S3 $99


E4300 $169

You can easily clock these to 2.8-3.0 and up depending on your cooling.

Again, if you are not going to overclock, this system would still outclass your 939 with plenty of room to grow later on.

For only $423 you can upgrade but as I said , it depends on your budget but if you were looking to buy an FX-60 , hey it's your money.:)

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