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Big Typhoon Multiple Modifications-WOW-Prob would work on other HS!

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I just saw this, and I did a search and did not see any posts, so please forgive me if this has been posted before:


This guy did multiple modifications of his Big Typhoon HSF, and his IHS, and it looked pretty impressive!


How To: Extensively Modify Your Thermaltake Big Typhoon




He has lots of good ideas here, and I have read some of them here, but he has them all in one spot, and did a good job of documenting his procedures:


-"LAP" your HSF contact area to ensure that the surface is flat and smooth

-"LAP" your IHS on your CPU Chip for the same reason

-Block fan gaps so that air is guaranteed to blow down on your HS.

-install a higher Air Flow Fan

-install additional "tiny" heat sinks


I thought I found the highest CFM 120mm fan (Silverstone 110 CFM), but he found a 220 CFM 120mm fan!


While I do not have a ThermalTake Big Typhoon, I think a lot of his ideas can be applied to any HSF.

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I certainly wouldn't want the "industrial shop-vac" sound in my computer; IMO H2O is a better option.

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