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Cant boot with External USB HD ?

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hi - i been trying to figure out why my system wont boot with my External hard drive in the usb port - but with firewire it boots fine no problems --


but with the firewire cable - i cant use WD date life tools -

but the WD date life tools work when its connected with usb cable -


so with the usb cable plugged in - and i reboot with the drive on - it just hangs at post before it shows all the devices - if i shut off the drive - even when it hangs - it just continues to boot -


so something with the usb is hanging it up - but i check the bios and dont really know what excatly i need to change to make it just boot up -


i have it set to boot from cd rom first and second - and third is HD - which puts me in windows -


has anyone had this issue and how can i fix it -


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hitting escape will bring you to the "boot selection" screen. Then you can choose the USB option. If all you have it set to is 1st=cdrom, 2nd=cdrom, and 3rd=HD then you are not booting from USB.

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thanks - but i dont want to boot from the external HD -

i just want to boot into windows with out turning the drive off each time --


if i have the External drive on and i have to reboot - i have to turn it off first - then reboot and turn it back on


if the drive is off - its not a problem -


with the firewire cable - i can leave it on or off and reboot

dosnt matter - it works -


so i am trying to figure out how i can boot with the drive on with the usb cable - whats hanging it up - and how can i fix it -


but in case i wanted to boot from a usb thumb drive - i can use the esc key to set that up ?


i want to be able to do that also now that you meantioned that -


thanks - but the main issue i want to figure out is - how can i leave my external HD connected and ON - with the usb cable and be able to reboot etc. with on hangs -

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oh ok...I misunderstood. With the external drive on go into the bios and set the HD priority to the HD with the OS. I think that setting is right next to the boot priority option. You will have to use the +/- keys to move the drive up or down.


When ever you add a HD you will usually have to change this setting.

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ok so if i put my HD to boot first - and cdrom sec. and third - then i boot right into windows with the External on


i dont want to boot from the External HD -


if that works - thats great - then i just have to remember to put it back to cdrom first if i have to boot from a disk


i did try something like that in the bios - not sure what it was called - but i wasnt able to move anything - even with the + - keys - i cant remember what option it was

but i seen the external drive and another drive - but either way - i wasnt able to move any of them -


i try that tomorrow just to see if that works -

also - if i did want to boot from a usb thumb drive -

i can use the esc key to try to boot from the thumb drive

i like to set my thumb drive up to boot from in order to restore a image if i needed to - just so happen my plextor i had to RMA and my cd combo drive just dosnt boot from any cd anymore - so i was stuck with no drive to boot from - i felt as if something happens now i am stuck - so i decided to get a liteon dvd burner - the new one to replace the cd combo drive - and its a sata so i can get rid of the bit ata cable - the cd combo works for dvds - but for some reason dosnt burn cds anymore or boot from them - i though for the longest it was picky with the cd media - but i guess not - and warranty expired last week - if i knew - its been a while that way -

oh well - i know now :) --


but thanks for the tips - i give it a try tomorrow with the HD first boot - but whats weird is if i leave my usb thumb drive in - it boots as normal - only the external HD has a issue with the usb cable and drive on -

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