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Need advice on choosing a web building program

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Been busy lately making a website, but I'm in over my head.

I bought a domain and own 200 gigs of storage and 2,0000gigs of bandwidth per month.


I dont need anyting fancy like Microsofts 300 dollar webdesign software. But Ive also learned the hard way that going to the store and grabbing a $50 program is a bad idea too, cuase you dont know what your getting....especially if you dont know what your looking for.


Sure the box look pretty and it sounded like you could do alot, but infact it was a cheap micky mouse programs with a horrible interface that seemed taunt me every step of the way, with simple tasks such as adding/editing text. To top it off your limeted to 1024x pages...no bigger, if your text is too much you get it cut off halfway down(no scrool bars) everything has to fit on one page or make another. Web Easy Professional, geeze its more like web poopy delux. Thumbs down after 2 weeks of frustration


If any of you have made websites before please gimme a hand with some advice on what programs you like. Free would be nice...but I doubt you can get anything worth while free. Especially since it will most likely have banners and advertisements.





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