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Bagel Cutting Tutorial - TOO FUNNY!!!!!!

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I love playing with confused viewers in the comments:


sonic2original (32 minutes ago)

Uhhhh, what do you do with it after it's cut?


GeneralSeptem (4 minutes ago)

Screw down the waterblock and overclock that SOB to 4.5 GHz.


DannyMinick (1 month ago)

nothing like cutting a bagel with porn music. "processor core?"


GeneralSeptem (1 month ago)

All in the "about this video". :)


DannyMinick (1 month ago)

oooooh... some forum lingo... well i'm gonna go slap some cream cheese on a raisin processor core.


gooshnaaflagen (3 months ago)

A tutorial on how to cut a bagel? Wow.


GeneralSeptem (3 months ago)

Yeah. You have to be careful with these things, or you might screw up and your $500 bagel will be turned into a doorstop. :/

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