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Problem with ati !!! PLEASE HELP !!!

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I'm going crazy... First excusme for my english... is bad.

The problem is:

- I lost my cd driver...

- When i try to install the ati driver drom dfi site it show me a error message: try to set de display to estandard vga (or somenthing i don't remember exactly the message)

- in the administrator device the displays show with a "?"...

- Please help me... My computer is a rdx200 motherboard with a x1800 Radeon. My OS is Windows xp 64 bits.

- Anyone has a solution. Or the original drivers in the cd?



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This not work... i install it in all of their opcions... but nothing... the same error. What can i do?? it is the 30 time that I install windows XP in my computer and is the first time that i have this problem...


( are atached two error pictures in this post )

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