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AMD X2 3800 | Epox 9U1697GLI | Ballistix 4x512mb pc 3200

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Shipping/selling to CONUS only!

PayPal preferred but other arrangements can be made

Heatware ID = pharmd24 79-0-0


On to the stuff:



PM me with offers or questions, thanks for looking.


Forgot to add the end all be all of disclaimers :) as with all OC - YMMV




I have been using this 939 combo for 5 months now and I'm looking to change things up. This is my gaming/Linux setup and is running 2.6ghz on 1.4vcore ram is running 2T 2.5-2-2-7 at 217.


1. AMD X2 3800 - ADA3800DAA5BV CDBHE 0608RPMW

I have removed the IHS and have been using a DD TDX for cooling. The IHS is included.


2. Epox 9U1697 GLI - This will include the box, cables, backplate, manual, and driver cd. Great MB!


I would like to sell the MB and CPU as a combo for 135 shipped to drmccollum on [H]


I have 2 mached sets of Crucial Ballistix 512mb pc3200 - 85 shipped - only one set is available :) - sold to Scoobert


DangerDen TDX waterblock with 939 top, hardware, socket A top, and nozzels - 33 shipped sold Gerardjg on pcper



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