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Yukon Trooper

Connecting Creative X-fi to Case

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Does anybody know how to connect an X-fi to the case so you can use the headphone and microphone jack on the front of case? I have been trying to find documentation on this but can't seem to find any.

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No its either one or the other! If you want both you have to buy the 5.25 front bay accesory

It's not one or the other bud. I am using both my headphone and microphone jack right now out of the back of my sound card and the pin configuration on the side of the card allows you to do the same, you just have to plug the case extensions into the appropriate pin slots. You can use the pin slots to connect the drive bay but the mic and headphone extension jacks on the case use the same pins.


Bioximy, welcome to the Street but please don't try and answer questions you have NO idea how to answer. Thank you.


Anyways, I have found the pin layout on the net and it happens to be the same pin layout as the Audigy 2 if anyone is interested.

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Yea, I just added a friend's old Audigy 2 ZS. Since we both have Antec cases, does your mapping show how to connect to front case Mic/Headset? Also, what kind of cennector did you use? Work O.K?




-Baja Bum

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Yes thats exactly what I did; connected the front case mic/headset to the sound card.


Your case has the necessary connections and all you do is connect them to the appropriate pin slots on your sound card, which run along the side of your sound card. There are 10 of them.


The layout goes like this:


Rest of Card


1 - Analog Ground

2 - Analog Headphone Out Left

3 - Audio Backpanel Mute -- short to ground to mute the backpanel (when headphones are plugged in)

4 - Analog Headphone Out Right

5 - same as #3

6 - Mic input from front panel

7 - No Connection

8 - VREF out -- voltage reference for Mic

9 - MIC IN MUTE -- ground when mic isn't plugged in, +12VDC when mic is plugged in

10 - Audio cable detect -- will be ground when headphones are plugged in (not normally used)


Slot pointing outside your PC


The Audigy 2 ZS uses the same layout as the X-fi, so follow that layout and your good to go.

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