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Wierd RAM problem.

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Well I was playing around with my RAM frequency today and something wierd happened.


My FSB was 252 with a 3:2 divider and when I booted with Memtest86 on, it showed my RAM was also running at 252MHz (DDR504) which would make it 1:1 since my CPU FSB was also 252..


Now the wierd thing is.. it was showing NO ERRORS after like 5 minutes but when booting at 220MHz (this was a while ago) it would show a million and a half errors in 10 seconds.. So I went and set a 1:1 CPU/RAM ratio @ 252 FSB it wouldn't boot.. wtf? Could the BIOS be detecting the wrong frequency?


Shouldn't the 3:2 divider make my RAM run @ 172MHz (DDR 344) when my CPU FSB was on 252??


Any help would be great, thanks.

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